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My name is Erin Magras, and I teach Art I
In this course we cover basic Art elements, principles, and techniques as well as Art History. We challenge our thinking with the great artistic minds that have gone before us!
"Art is not what you see but what you make others see".  - Edgar Degas
1st Period     Art                                     7:25-8:10
2nd Period    Dept. Planning                 8:13-8:58
                     Enhancement                   9:01-9:31  
3rd Period     Art                                    9:34-10:19
4th Period     Conference                    10:22-11:07
5th Period     Art                                  11:10-11:40 
6th Period     Art                                  11:40-12:40 
7th Period     Art                                  12:43-1:28
8th Period     Art                                    2:19-3:05
About Me
At a moments glance I would love to drop a few lines about myself. I was born and raised In Houston Texas and am now a transplant in Waxahachie Texas. This is my second year with Life Middle School and I teach art. Art has always been a passion of mine and over the years I have had my art auctioned and on display in various Houston museums. I have two brothers who have blessed me with both a niece and nephew. I love to travel and strongly desire to have a fur baby sooner rather than later.