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About Me

I am a passionate Theatre teacher who loves to inspire students to create and imagine a better world. I'm so excited to work with each and every student this year! 
My Schedule:
Planning Period (Period 1) [off]
Theatre II (Period 2) 8:13am-8:58am
Enhancement 9:01am-9:31am
Conference (Period 3) [off] 9:34am-10:19am
Theatre I (Period 4)
Musical Theatre//Lunch (Period 5)  11:10a-11:40a 5thPeriod//B LUNCH 11:40a-12:10p//5th Period 12:10p-12:40p
Theatre Production (Period 6) 12:43pm-1:28pm
Theatre I (Period 7) 1:31pm-2:16pm
Theatre I (Period 8) 2:19pm-3:05pm