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Recent Posts

ELAR Final Project Rubric

This project and presentation counts as their final test grade for both Reading and Writing so it is something that needs to be done well and turned in on time.
Students will volunteer at a place of their choice and then compile information on what they learned, how their work affects others, and why it is important to help others. 
There is a very detailed rubric that I will use to grade the presentations so students should know exactly what they are getting if they are doing it correctly. 
This presentation will be due May 11th and will not be accepted late. 
**See class assignment page for more details.

Goal Procedural Text

Students had to write a goal and create a timeline for that goal. Then they had to write a paper modeled after "How to Make a Smoothie" about their goal. This was two separate grades. 
See "How to Make a Smoothie" for an example on what your procedural text, about your goal, should look like. This is the Writing grade.

Goal Timeline

Students had to write a goal and create a timeline for that goal. Then they had to write a paper modeled after "How to Make a Smoothie" about their goal. This was two separate grades. 
See the timeline directions for what your timeline should look like. This is your Reading grade. 

Test Review

The Test Review was completed in class, but I uploaded here for those that wanted a copy. 
This is not for a grade but will help on their semester final which is a large portion of their grade.

Extra Credit Spoken Word- Due 12/6

Because many of you have asked me for extra credit, I have provided an opportunity to do so. 
This is a Spoken Word assignment that will include both a written piece and a presentation piece. See attached for instructions. You must follow the instructions carefully.
This spoken word will be due December 6th if you want the extra credit.
You will submit the video on Google classroom so make sure you have access to this. 

Poetry Portfolio- Major Test Grades

Poetry Portfolio: Students are creating a collection of poems and notes to make a portfolio. Most of the work will be done in class, step by step. However, if students do not utilize class time or do not finish in class, some assignments may be finished for homework. 
We read through the directions, the rubric, and the expectations so students are very clear on that. 

Grade Sheets Sent Home 10/27

Good afternoon,
Just wanted you to be aware that students got grade sheets today in class. They also had the opportunity to pick up the papers for the grades they have not completed or have not turned in. Any make-up work is due Monday, October 30th and will not be accepted later. I will be turning grades in then for official Progress Reports.
The students are responsible for showing you the grade sheet and then getting your signature for a grade to turn in on Monday. Please work with your students to remind them to get their work done. 

Late Work/Missing Assignments

Please look at your student's class period (for both Reading and Writing) for important information about late/missing work and due dates. These are test grades.

Parent Letter Update

Good morning,
After going over your responses and questions on the Parent Letter I sent home last week, I thought I would give you a chance to sign up for those that you are missing. 
  • Parent Portal: this is the most common way I communicate through email. If you are not signed up for Parent Portal, you are not getting the most frequent reminders. 
You can contact our registrar at beason@lifeschools.net to get signed up. This is also where you see all  your student's grades and keep up with that.
  • Edlio Website: This is where I will post some reminders but I mostly use it to attach class assignments and due dates. I do not post daily grades on here but will post project instruction sheets in case students misplace those. 
You can get to this through the link below. Please "subscribe" so you can get updates as they come.
  • Remind: Remind is a one-way texting app so it will be sent directly to your phone. These are shorter and I use this to occasionally remind students of something they are to bring to class, or shorter announcements. 
To sign up, you can text the code to the number "810-10". You can sign up for the class period your student has me in and then the Parent one. See below for codes:
For 1st and 3rd: @7elar13
For 4th and 5th: @7elar45
For 6th and 7th: @7elar67
For Parents: @midrents17
  • Class Dojo: This is a behavior tool we use daily in class. I post comments and why your student got a point taken away. This also shows their behavior leading up to getting a detention or shout-out (for good behavior).
To sign up, go to the website and sign up. You don't need a code, just type in the school name, then my name, then your student's name. 
These are not requirements, but I wanted to reiterate the ways that I communicate so you know, if you are not signed up for one, you may miss something. Feel free to reach out with any questions. 
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Book Report (LATE)

The Book Report (that was due October 10th) has now been entered. Some students failed to turn this in. 
This is a test grade so they will need to complete and turn in as soon as possible. Per my syllabus, it is 10 points off each day and then on Monday, October 23rd, it will stay a 0.
See attached for the instructions, in case students lost theirs.
If they think they turned it in, I have a few without names on them. They can come to me before or after school to check the "no name" folder.

Parent Letter

Parents: In case your student did not make it home with their letter, please see attached. Please email me with your name and information and your student's name and then let me know which forms of communication you are signed up for, which ones you do not want to be signed up for, and which ones you need help signing up for. 
This is a grade for your student.