7th Pre AP / ELA

I am Sharon Culp. This is my 5th year with Life School and my 17th year in the teaching profession.
My passion for learning has led me in this career path and I believe that ALL children CAN learn!                  
I pride myself in being honest, fair and dedicated to my students.
I strive for God to come first in my life, then my family and thirdly, my job.                                              
My goal for my students is to build character, organizational skills, work ethic, and knowledge throughout the year.  
Period 1 7:25 AM 8:10 AM
Period 2 (conference) 8:13 AM 8:58 AM
Enhancement 9:01 AM 9:31 AM
Period 3 9:34 AM
10:19 AM          
Period 4 10:22 AM 11:07 AM
Period 5 (Includes Lunch and 60 Minute class period) 11:10 AM 12:40 PM
Period 6 12:43 PM 1:28 PM
Period 7 1:31 PM 2:16 PM
Period 8  2:19 PM 3:05 PM
Classes and Responsibilities:
Pre AP - Language Arts  / Library                                                                   
ELAR Dept. Head