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Working with Your Secondary Counselor
Life School Secondary Counselors
“Our goal is to help students have a successful experience in high school, graduate with pride, and plan for a positive future.”
Get to know your counselor.  Make an appointment to get to know your student’s secondary counselor.  Learn about their policies and procedures.  Pay attention to the programs they host that may be beneficial to you.  Ask questions!
Tell them about your student.  The more the counselor knows about your student’s interest, talents, skills, strengths and challenges; the easier it will be for them to assist you with services they have available.
Keep in touch throughout the school year.  Navigate the course of high school with the school counselor through emails, phone calls, or appointments.  Encourage your student to visit the counselor with any issues, concerns, dreams, and ideas. 
Be involved.  Participating in schools activities will help you become more aware of the opportunities that surround your student.  Keep in regular contact with your student’s teachers.  Ask your student questions specific to that day and course subject.
Utilize counseling resources.  Parent meetings, newsletters, websites, and informational pamphlets are all available through the counselor’s office.  Take advantage!
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